Docking in 2020:

Navyseum - AEC will be a whole-family attraction reflecting the bold, heroic energy of the US Navy—engaging visitors with history, heritage, entertainment and excitement.


NAVYSEUM - Active Exploration Centers is a comprehensive celebration of and immersion in the living, breathing, human organization that is the Navy of the United States of America.

Visiting "Day Sailors", ages 2 to 92, can explore more than 130,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor port and ship facilities encompassing a combination of imaginative, interactive, and interconnected themed experience zones. Interconnecting bridges, tubes, slides, overlook decks, and openings allow multiple activity areas to be experienced simultaneously; always encouraging the "Day Sailor" to actively explore what is just over the horizon.

Inspired by real people, events and actions, the NAVYSEUM - AEC encourages guests to think and act like sailors by demonstrating honor, courage, and commitment, and challenge themselves to be their very best.