A visiting "Sailors" deployment at NAVYSEUM - Active Exploration Centers will typically last 4-5 hours, with enough imagination and physical activity focused adventure for guests ages 2 to 92. 

NAVYSEUM - AEC is being created in phases as an interactive, interconnected combination of existing buildings and new construction. Interconnectivity is achieved with various bridges, tubes and slides as well as overlook decks and openings through which the diversity of activity in other areas of the ship and port can be simultaneously seen and experienced.  Development of Phase 1 encompasses approximately 130,000 square feet of themed indoor and outdoor experience spaces.

Whether being dropped off at the entrance, walking from the nearby train stations, or arriving from the parking lot, visiting "Sailors" approaching this unique Active Exploration Center immediately become immersed in its one-of-a-kind atmosphere en route to their boarding.

The moment a visiting "Sailor" boards the USS NAVYSEUM, the sense of AWE is overpowering. Visiting "Sailors" enter a two-story internal deck with views through the skylight above to see the navigation and flight decks of this mighty ship and catch a glimpse of the activity in the crow’s nest and on the helicopter pad.

Met by a series of interconnected environments coming into view like a ship rising along the horizon, visiting "Sailors" immediately become part of the NAVYSEUM - AEC story as recognizable elements such as piers, life rafts, anchors, vessels, helicopters, and Navy fighters come into view.

Through color, wavy, flowing surfaces and other elements suggesting the mysterious beauty of the world below the surface of the sea, visiting "Sailors" will feel surrounded by ocean as they explore aboard ship, world-traveling, freedom protecting world of the Navy.